Anyone Have Experience With These?

A few months ago my sister starting using these detox pads to help remove toxins from her body. She says she’s feeling great now and she showed me a couple videos like this one…

She wants me to start using them too since they can apparently help with weight loss. I’m not sure what to think though. She showed me this site called Purify Your Body that sells the product that will apparently help you cleanse yourself from harmful toxins.

What do you think? Has anyone out there tried these for weight loss?

Some Running Stuff I’ve Tried

Anyone who knows me well knows that, aside from being a fitness enthusiast, I am also a technology junkie. If you ask my wife, she will tell you that I get a sparkle in my eye when I learn about a new tech tool, particularly if it relates to fitness.

It’s true. This is simply because I love tracking, measuring, comparing, and analyzing information that I can use to continually improve myself. As I’ve recently been getting more into running, I’ve been looking at some of the tools that exist for running and fitness gurus, and I thought it might be worth spending some time on the blog sharing some of the information that I’ve found.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but based on my experience, here are 5 tech accessories that I would recommend for runners.


Android, Windows Mobile or iOS Smartphones

The first and most universally available tech device is your own smartphone, as there are literally hundreds of fitness apps available. Many people do not realize that a quality smartphone can do much more than just play your music playlist while you run, it can help you in any number of ways to actually accomplish your goals. Below are just two examples of the many apps out there for you to use.


Runtastic Adventure app

A highly popular app which is not only useful, it is entertaining, too. Along with its workout features, it also adds a narrated story to your workout program; a glorious way to make your training time more exciting. If you love fantasy computer games or adventure stories, you may have a notion what Runtastic Adventure app is like. It gives you a chance to put yourself in the position of your character. From heated fights to escaping a prison, you can find several brilliant stories via Runtastic Adventure. It is a good idea to enhance your workout sessions with fast-paced fantasy stories: boredom is the worst enemy of adrenalin rush and your workout program. Keep your interest up.


Easy 5K with Jeff Galloway

This app is named after a well-loved and extremely successful Olympian and coach, Jeff Galloway. Easy 5K offers great training methods of more levels. Whether you are a beginner or a fast runner, this fitness accessory will help you a whole lot, you can customize your workout program, tailoring it to your running level. Work out half an hour of Easy 5K high intensity program three times a week, it will be enough to make you strong and energetic. Jeff Galloway helped athletes accomplish stellar results, he has been a coach for over thirty years. This particular app, Easy 5K, also helps you create an additional workout program that takes seven weeks.


Milestone Fitness Tracker

This is an interesting standalone fitness device, boasting a built-in USB connector, connected with one of your sneakers through a special silicone jacket. Milestone Fitness Tracker is sensitive to motion, when it senses a movement, it starts working, it displays current total milestones. Certainly you have heard that running more than 400 to 500 miles while wearing the same shoes can damage your feet; with Milestone Fitness Tracker, you do not have to worry about it. Once you reach the said limit, Milestone Fitness Tracker is going to warn you that you should change your shoes.


Run Injury Free is a very useful fitness accessory. It helps protect your health while running, it is able to sense injuries. When you are running, you may damage your joints, your knees, your tendons, so Run Injury Free, this practical fitness device, helps you notice such injuries and helps prevent further damages. With Run Injury Free, you can also build up a stretching and warm-up programs to avoid injuries to begin with. It is always easier to prevent an injury than treating it.


Scosche Rhythm Armband Pulse Monitor is not an inexpensive fitness accessory, however, it is well worth the price. It can monitor your heart rate, distance, your average speed as well as the maximum speed you can keep. It also shows how many calories your body burns during a training program. It is very accurate and reliable.