Canadian Soccer Lover Collects Football Scarves From Around the World Using Maple Syrup


19-year-old Daniel Robertson lives in Whitby, Ontario with his family. To pass the time during what’s been, well, a quiet year, he’s been trading syrup for scarves through a light-hearted Reddit thread he created.

Robertson hasn’t had to worry about no-one responding to his unique exchange idea. Since making his first post, he’s received an impressive 113 scarves from 59 countries—from Latvia, Japan, and Singapore, from Nigeria and Belarus and Senegal.

For Daniel, receiving post from across the globe has been a delight. In fact, the surprise gifts have made him feel a little like he’s traveling, while staying safely in one place.

And he’s not done yet. To make his collection complete, he’d love to receive 80 to 90 more scarves—one for all the 193 countries currently recognized by the U.N.